Full-time vacancies

Full-time vacancies

We are particularly meticulous in the selection of new members of our team. Our managers are focused competent extroverts who are not afraid to tackle any situation that arises, and our translators are graduates of the best Ukrainian and foreign universities who have passed difficult tests, successfully completed an internship, and proved how competent they are.

That being said intelligence people are not limited to managers and translators, it is a very valuable resource that we are always looking for. We are working with strategists in the development department, project managers, technical experts, and other specialists.

You can look at open vacancies here, but even if you didn’t find an offer you are interested in please write us at hr@admiral.com.ua. Do not forget to attach your CV and, if everything goes well, we will contact you to continue the dialogue.


Waiting for you in our “Inbox” 😉