If you have obtained education abroad and want to continue your studies or get a job in Ukraine, you will need to have your documents recognized by Ukraine, that is, you need to carry out the nostrification procedure.

Nostrification i.e. procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents, which is carried out by establishing compliance of academic, professional rights and educational levels of foreign educational documents with the state standards of education of Ukraine in order to ensure the rights of citizens who obtained education in foreign countries to continue their education and professional activities in Ukraine. The decision on nostrification in Ukraine is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. As a result of nostrification, a certificate of equivalence is issued.

The nostrification procedure includes the following steps:

• Preparation of documents for nostrification;

• Submission of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

• Expert analysis; • Preparation of an expert opinion on the recognition of documents;

• Issuance of a certificate outlining the conclusion on equivalence.

The following documents are required for nostrification:

• Application for the recognition procedure;

• Original documents (with Apostille or legalized in accordance with the legislation of the country where the document was issued);

• Notarized translations of educational documents attached to notarized copies.

• Copies of previous education documents;

• A copy of the document proving the identity of the document owner;

• An archive transcript from the educational institution where the education was obtained (if applicable) and its notarized copy;

• Identification code of the document owner.

• Persons who have received an offer of a place from Ukrainian universities must provide a copy of this offer.

• Notarized Power of Attorney for employees of our company.

After preparing and submitting a package of documents for nostrification, the Ministry may decide to fully or partially recognize the equivalence of documents or refuse to recognize the equivalence of education documents.

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