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Address in Uzhhorod - Zakarpattia region, 88000, Uzhhorod,  st. Hrushevskoho 2 (Orders accepted in the  office of employment agency "LION")

In the last few years in many cities of our country we can observe a rapid increase in the volume of production of goods and services due to entrepreneurial activity and direct foreign investments. And Uzhh orod shows one of the best indicators of economic growth, Transcarpathian region. It concerns trade, industry, construction, real estate services, hotel and restaurant business. The city has many schools, institutes, universities, including representative offices of foreign universities and international organizations. The cities of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo are very popular as tourist sites. Thousands of people come here from all over the world! The beauty of the architecture of those places’ amazes, inspires, and encourages you to come back again! Many folk cultures are mixed here due to the neighboring European border. Those cities are actually international.

In this regard, no doubt, the creation of a single communication space is a priority task, which ultimately ensures integration into the global political, economic, legal and educational community. Just to understand each other, people need services of a translation agency in Uzhgorod. And speaking about student exchange programs, recruitment of Ukrainians abroad, and about entrepreneurial interaction with the world business community, then the key role belongs to the quality of the information provided, the possibility to legalize the documents: notarized translation Uzhhorod, sworn translation Uzhhorod or apostille Uzhhorod, but we cope successfully with these tasks every day. After all, any non-conformity in the translation of documents to the international standards can ultimately have serious negative consequences for the customer.

Translation Uzhgorod

Admiral, translation agency Uzhhorod is one of the largest in Ukraine. We have partner offices in different cities of Ukraine, as well as in Chernivtsi translation agency or if you need translation of documents in Lviv, and of course in beautiful Uzhhorod. The head office of the company is located in the city of Khmelnytsky. Since 2008, we have managed to become one of the best translation bureaus. The key to our success is the ratio of optimal timescales and professional quality of the services provided! For more than 10 years on the market, we have translated texts of various topics, working with more than 40 foreign languages​. How many interesting projects we managed to implement; among them there were 400 pages of technical translation from Hungarian into Ukrainian, and 700 pages of financial translation from Russian into Czech, but, of course, English translation is the most popular!

Documents translation Uzhhorod, apostille Uzhhorod

The main area of expertise of our translation agency Uzhhorod is to cope with personal documents of individuals, aa well as cooperation with entrepreneurs and governmental authorities. The company is going on ahead, providing successful development, mastering new knowledge and technologies, and expanding its staff. Each member of the translation bureau Uzhhorod contributes to the common result! We are lucky to have friendly professional team bringing the unchallenged business reputation. Our full-time and freelance translators are professionals in their field and highly experienced experts in personal documents translations (i.e., birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, etc.), their notary certification and legalization, as well as other texts translation.

The main area of expertise of our translation company in Uzhhorod
  • Translation, finances;
  • Translation, legal topics;
  • Translation, technical instructions;
  • Translation, medical conclusion and extract;
  • Translation ІТ;

Document translation. Admiral, translation center Uzhgorod

The effectiveness of our work is ensured by the synergy of using the CRM system, modern software and, of course, cool specialists. Our managers and translators work in a single information space. And it ensures the possibility to control the timing and quality of orders at all stages of their execution, to create translation memory, forming glossaries to ensure the unity of terminology styles. The involvement of editors and proofreaders allows to provide final verification of the document’s translation Uzhhorod for compliance with the structure and content of the original document.

We assist in expanding the horizons of business structures, establishing their cooperation with foreign companies, and are a reliable intermediary to understanding and clarity. The guarantee of confidentiality of information in this case is unconditional!

Why do you choose Admiral Uzhhorod?

The services provided by the Admiral, Uzhhorod Translation office include written translation (including translation of documents from Hungarian to Ukrainian, from English to Chinese, etc.), sworn translation Uzhhorod, notarized translation or a translation certified with the seal of the Translation Bureau, Apostille and legalization Uzhhorod, as well as the demand and delivery of documents.

The price is calculated for every individual order and depends on the following:
  • normal order or urgent translation;
  • translation subject;
  • translation language;
  • volume and complexity;
  • the necessity of additional works, layout, etc.;
  • certification by notary or Translation agency Uzhgorod seal. 

Admiral, translation bureau Uzhhorod: short summary

Translation agency Uzhhorod offer translation services combining the value for money in the best way! In general, the pricing policy is flexible and focused on long-term cooperation. Years long experience, dedication, respect and honesty towards customers have allowed our translation company to become one of the leading suppliers of linguistic services in the Ukrainian market.

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