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Address in Chernivtsi city - Chernivtsi region, 58001, Chernivtsi city, St. Shevchenko, 28, office 101 (Orders accepted in the office of Kutsak & Partners Law Firm)

Address in Chernivtsi city - Chernivtsi region, 58000, Chernivtsi city, st. Holovna, 145-B (Orders accepted in the office of travel agency 'Rodnichok Travel')

Chernivtsi make fall in love at first sight, fascinating with beautiful architectural ensembles and friendly, open people.

This city is truly considered the pearl of Bukovina and one of the most beautiful cultural centers of Ukraine.

Every year, thousands of people come to Chernivtsi: tourists come to enjoy its special flavor, students to get education. Despite the calm and steady atmosphere of the city, things are humming here. And whatever one may say, in the modern world it is impossible to be limited to one city, region or even a country. Life and business trends require international extension.

Translation bureau Chernivtsi

We provide documents translation in Chernivtsi for more than 10 years, for individuals and entrepreneurs, for governmental authorities, for Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations. We helped thousands of people to find jobs, start a family, and establish profitable international cooperation. From a regular translation agency, we have grown into one of the largest translation centers with a wide range of translation services Chernivtsi and a carefully selected team. In Chernivtsi, dozens of clients order documents translation in Admiral translation agency, and it only motivates us to move on.

Admiral, Chernovtsy, we offer the following services:

  • Documents translation Chernivtsi
  • Notary certification Chernivtsi, certification with the translation agency seal
  • Legalization Chernivtsi (Consular legalization and Apostille stamp)
  • Nostrification Chernivtsi
  • Documents demand Chernivtsi
  • Sworn / certified translation of documents Chernivtsi (Polish, Czech, French, etc.)
  • Police certificate Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, Admiral translators are ready to help

We have translators in almost 40 languages. In Chernivtsi we translate documents into European languages, including Scandinavian and languages of the CIS countries, as well as into Oriental and rare languages. For so many years, we have formed a cool team of translators, editors and managers, and established cooperation with native speakers.

Chernivtsi, all kinds of documents translation

Our case proves that experience is the key to success. We have specialists who work with various topics, as we cope with a variety of requests: someone needs to translate a birth / marriage / divorce / death certificate or passport, or to order translation of technical documents for an airport or stadium construction, and the other one is interested in medical translation of the instruction for lung ventilator. In any case, to follow the proper terminology is a matter of principle.

Every day we offer the following translation services:
  • Chernivtsi, personal documents translation (passport, certificate, personal code, identity card, etc.)
  • Chernovtsy, translation of general documents (various certificates, articles, etc.)
  • Chernivtsi, medical translation (certificates, records, conclusions, extracts, clinical tests, epicrises,)
  • Chernivtsi, technical translation (specifications, instructions, descriptions, etc.)
  • Chernivtsi, legal translation (contracts, agreements, applications, claims, court decisions)
  • Chernivtsi, economic translation (reports, conclusions, accounting and bank documents, invoices, bills)
  • Chernivtsi, IT, marketing, etc. (websites, software, research materials, marketing analysis, commercial proposal)

Translation center Chernivtsi

Our managers will provide professional advice regarding your request on translation of documents: if you need to submit documents to the migration service or get an identification code from the tax service; if you marry or plan to travel with your child to other countries; if you plan to study or work abroad; or if you want to get foreign partners and need documents translation Chernovtsy.

Documents translation Chernivtsi, how to order?

Admiral Translation Bureau head office is located in the city of Khmelnitsky, but this does not prevent us from providing translation services in Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kherson or Zaporizhia. We are pros in this. Do not waist your valuable time, being anywhere in Ukraine and even in other country, you can always contact us and rely on our experts. If necessary, managers will ask you about the details that you may not even suspect of, and translators will do their job perfectly. All you need is to send us a request. We will do the translation, if necessary, make notary certification or certify the translation with the seal of the translation agency, and send you the finished translation document.

Apostille Chernivtsi

Are you going abroad to study, work or for permanent residence? Take care of your documents. In order for make your documents legal in other country, it is necessary to perform the procedure for their legalization. For some countries, it is a rather complicated and long-time process. But for the majority, affixing the Apostille stamp in the relevant Ministry is enough. Our managers will consult you on the timing and procedure as well as on the requirements to the documents in order to get the Apostille Chernivtsi. Next – we’ll do our best! As soon as the apostille is ready, we will do a notarized translation. A few days later the finished package of documents will be delivered to you.

Why Translation agency Admiral Chernivtsi is to choose

Our representative offices are located in many cities of Ukraine. Every day we translate hundreds of pages and send them by e-mail, couriers, delivery services. Our business processes are carefully adjusted and run like clockwork. It is confirmed by our valid certificates of compliance with international standards ISO 17100: 2015 “Translation Services” and ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems”.

We know the importance of meeting deadlines and quality requirements. For us, these are not just words, but the principles of daily work. As well as confidentiality compliance. Our company has strict rules for the storage of documents and non-disclosure of information, as we are dealing with personal data and commercial secrets.

Every translation that you trust us is the result of the diligent work of the entire team:
  • your personal manager clarifies and negotiates all the details, calculating the optimal time and cost
  • translators do the translation, making, if necessary, a glossary and translation memory
  • editors check the translation
  • proofreaders make corrections
  • if necessary, we make up a finished document in order to maintain its identity with the original
  • if necessary, we perform certification by notary or translation bureau stamp

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