Just some clinical trials

Just some clinical trials



In summer 2018, our company received a request from a well-known pharmaceutical company with rather complex requirements. It was just a translation of clinical trials: just into German, just over 140 pages, just a lot of graphs (that means a very complex layout, obviously) and the term is just 10 days.

Negociations, contract, and let's go.

We had to mobilize almost all of our German language resources at that time. All of our best translators who worked with medicine translated, probably, we can directly say, almost all day and night. Then they checked it, all day and night.

It was the end of the eighth day, the final changes were almost all done, and the layout process began.

In a limited time, conditions, it was very important to keep track of events. To keep track of every step that every person makes. And, of course, not without internal overlays, but the task was completed.

The tenth day, 2 p.m. - "Please accept your translation attached to this email ...".

Further, over the next 2-3 days, we still made minor corrections and wishes of the Customer, since if any nuances appear, we always correct them.

It is particulary satisfying, that in March 2020, this medicine is already on the shelves of many Ukrainian pharmacies, and perhaps our work has contributed to the life and health of people.