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Admiral: services, approach and advantages of translation agency Kiev

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Facing the need to translate documents, many Ukrainians try to save money by using one of the appropriate services or programs. But such decisions often lead to undesirable results. Due to errors and inaccuracies, the translation of documents has to be redone, and therefore, it takes time and money again. To get a really high-quality translation, you should contact the professionals. Kyiv Admiral translation agency is the best option for the capital residents and its guests. The agency offers favorable terms for cooperation; and experienced bureau specialists will cope with the task of any complexity as quickly as possible. Professional linguists, editors and proofreaders work on each text, so you won’t doubt about a translation quality!

Kyiv, Translation agency Admiral: approach to work

In the times when the international cooperation is developing and a visa-free regime is being introduced, the demand for professional translation in Ukraine has increased significantly. Today, such services are ordered by individuals, companies and various governmental authorities.

It should be noted that the translation of documents (Kiev) is in greatest demand. And in most cases you need not only the translation of papers into other language, but also provide their notary certification. First of all, you need notarization when translating birth or marriage certificates, diplomas, other personal documents.

Working on the text, professional linguists strictly follow the language rules and carefully select proper matching words. Besides, when adapting a text to other language, the specialists have to take into account the specific features of the subject matter of the materials. Thus, in medical articles specific terms are often found, and there are various idioms in fiction texts.

If necessary, the specialists use reference books and call on the assistance of experts. As a result, the finished translation meets several quality criteria:

  • perfect grammar;
  • correct terms, abbreviations, field-specific vocabulary;
  • maintaining the authenticity of the final material.

Upon completion of the technical translation, the text is checked by editors and proofreaders, and, if necessary, by a native speaker. Then, the text is got up to maintain formatting, structure, figures, diagrams and tables, and finally it is transferred to the customer. 

Kiev, translation company Admiral: agency services

The specialists of the translation bureau Admiral will quickly and efficiently cope with any task. The agency has permanently employed certified translators who can translate:

  • passports and personal documents;
  • certificates and applications;
  • acts of work performed;
  • meeting minutes;
  • diplomas, certificates of education;
  • visa documents;
  • medical records;
  • information of clinical tests of medicines;
  • scientific articles;

The Admiral agency also offer a notarized and sworn translation. The deadlines depend on several factors, but the main ones are the volume and complexity of the text, as well as the necessity to attract field-specific experts.

Admiral Translation Agency also offers an urgent translation service. In this case the price is negotiated individually. You can find out the exact cost by contacting the agency’s managers by phone, email or by filling out an online form on the website. 

Kiev, translation agency: when you need professional services

Regarding the situation in the country, translation of texts (Kiev) may be required in many cases, i.e.:
  • labor migration;
  • study abroad;
  • visa issue;
  • departure for permanent residence;
  • international marriage registration;
  • treatment in medical clinics abroad;
  • inheritance cases.

Professional translators expertise is often required by business representatives, especially by the entrepreneurs dealing with foreign companies. To cooperate productively with partners, investors, potential customers, business owners regularly demand translations of contracts, acts, personal correspondence.

Admiral translation bureau offers to adapt such materials to other language for entrepreneurs from the capital and for Kiev visitors. 

Kyiv, translation agency Admiral: advantages

In Kiev Ukrainian entrepreneurs and individuals can order a translation at the Admiral bureau. Since 2008, the agency has been providing services in translation of texts on various topics, as well as in apostilling and legalization of documents. The bureau also performs nostrification of diplomas and certificates of education issued abroad. All the documents are translated in strict compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and meet the international quality standards.

Applying to Admiral, translation agency Kiev, the customers can look forward to:
  • personal manager assistance;
  • individual approach and absolute confidentiality;
  • professionalism in performing an order of any complexity;
  • obligatory adjustment of terminology;
  • the opportunity to order translation of any subject and language (field-specific experts are full-time employees);
  • obligatory observance of the agreed deadlines;
  • the opportunity to order an urgent translation of large volume materials;
  • affordable cost of services;
  • the opportunity to make an order for translation online.

To place an order it’s not necessary to go to Kiev: the Admiral translation agency accepts applications online, and it is especially convenient and safe after a coronavirus pandemic. The finished material can be sent electronically or by Nova Poshta.

If you do not live in Kiev, but need one of the above listed services the translation agency, Khmelnitsky also offers big opportunities. Contact the Admiral agency in your city online or by phone. Admiral managers will answer all your questions.

Frequently asked questions about translation agency in Kiev

Can I get a translation in Kyiv?
Yes, offline in Kiev or online, which is cheaper. We will consult and provide the best possible option for you!
Why go to a physical office in Kiev?
Generally, it is not necessary. The physical office in Kyiv will scan the documents for you, and you will also be able to pay in cash. All consultations, questions, ordering, receiving a ready translation, everything is solved much faster, cheaper and more convenient for you online.
Can I get an apostille in Kyiv?
Yes, of course, we will consult and provide the best option for you in Kyiv!
Is there a guarantee for translations in Kyiv?
Yes, lifetime guarantee! The guarantee means that in case of errors we will correct them for free or compensate them financially. No matter what happens, the customer must always receive and will receive the quality work that he paid for, regardless of when the translation was performed.
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