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Translation agency Dnipro: Admiral - Rolls-Royce on the market of Ukraine

Dnepr is one of the largest and most powerful cities in Ukraine; it supports the economy of the whole country. The largest enterprises compete with each other grabbing the biggest piece of the pie, and only increasing their productivity and competitiveness. Business companies export their products, and their foreign economic activity in this region is being onwards and upwards more and more every year. And a logical question arises, which can have many correct answers: - Where to translate documents in Dnipro? Individuals are often looking for cheaper options, and companies are mostly looking for the quickest opportunities. But frankly speaking, we understood those moments long time ago and learned to adapt to almost all of our customers.

Admiral translation bureau, we can handle it!

For many years we learned to do the following things in the best way:
  • Personal documents translation Dnepr (passport translation, certificate translation, etc.)
  • Translation of medical / technical and legal documents
  • Urgent document translation
  • Notary translation
  • Apostille and legalization Dnepr
  • Nostrification Dnepr (educational documents)

Due to well-established internal business processes, if we say that we take up an order, then we are sure that we can do it cool so that you get exactly the result that you expect!

Apostille, translation office Dnipro

Affixing apostille on documents is a service which we offer to our clients and partners. In principle, the procedure is simple for those who perform it regularly, otherwise many questions may arise (Double apostille? Urgent procedure? Legalization?). Apostille, as we know, brings a document into legal force in the territory of other country, and for many people traveling abroad it is an obligatory step to make up documents before departure. Be sure that the task will be completed, and you will receive answers to all your questions.

Notary translation Dnepr, certification of documents

Very often, the translation itself is not the end point in the translation procedure. When everything is ready, the translation must be certified in order to obtain confirmation that the content of the text really corresponds to the original document. In this case two procedures can be used: notarization or certification by the seal / stamp of Dnipro translation agency. Notarial certification is the highest level of confirmation: this means that the notary, acting under the official law, confirms the identity of the translator, his / her diploma with the proper qualifications, as well as the signature of the translator made in his / her presence. A less formal way, stamping by the translation agency, Dnipro, and it is quite an easy procedure. In this case, the official person, representative of the company, confirms the accuracy of the translation, which does not confirm the legal responsibility before the law, but assigns this responsibility to the company itself.

Dnepropetrovsk, translation center Admiral online and offline

Our website, where you are now, is the result of 5-month work of more than 20 people and it was created in order to provide maximum convenience to get translation services for residents of Ukraine online. In just a few clicks, you can make a request and get all the information you are interested in. Admiral, a translation agency in Dnipropetrovsk, has been working for some time; but after the events of coronavirus 2020, we regularly recommend all our visitors mostly not to visit physical office, but cooperate online. Having developed the website, connected the electronic payment system and developed the remote work schemes, we did all the best to ensure the first-rate quality of the translation services.

Who does translation agency Dnepr offer services to?
  • Translation for individuals: translation of personal documents, certificates, statements, applications, court decisions, etc.
  • For business: our field of expertise is law, but it does not prevent us from engaging in technology or medicine, working in cooperation with field-specific experts.
  • For governmental authorities: The Migration service and the Police, the Prosecutor’s office and the Security Service of Ukraine, we work transparently and are always ready to assist the state in fulfilling its duties.

Cooperating with different customers, whether they are legal entities or individuals, we, Admiral, Dnipro translation agency, try to understand not only the task itself, but also its purpose in order to offer the best solution and provide all the necessary services, thereby saving your time and money. But there is one BUT: yes, we know the specific features of various procedures and their details and can recommend how to do them in the best way, but in order to avoid any unpleasant situation, we ask you to find out all the details necessary for processing your documents directly at the authority, where you plan to submit them, and we’ll be able to follow clear instructions.

Summary: Admiral, translation bureau Dnepr, to be or not to be?

Even if we wanted to say “not to be,” we cannot. For the translation agency Dnipro is a strategic city and, getting tired of incompetent players, those players who work clearly and correctly try to conduct this method of work, proving daily that the client comes first, and you need to do everything, and sometimes even more, so that next time he would know "You need to go to these guys, they are cool".

It seems to us that to hear those words for any company would be the highest praise: it can be a translation agency in Kharkov or Admiral, translation agency Dnepr. And do you know? We hear such words regularly, and it motivates and charges us very much, like batteries, to work more, harder, better and faster.

Best regards, Translation agency Admiral, in Dnepr and all over Ukraine,

Have a nice day!

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