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Address in Kharkiv city - Ukraine, 61057, Kharkiv, St. Symskaya, 19 (Orders accepted in the office of Avocore Law Company)

Address in Kharkiv city - Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv city, Novhorodska St., 3, office 502 (Orders accepted in the office of Company PRAVO-BIZ)

Address in Kharkiv city - Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv city, prospekt Gagarina, 39 A, office. 4 (Orders accepted in the office of More Turiv Travel Agency)

The city of students: in the subway and parks, in squares and in cafes, thousands of young people chat, argue, kiss and walk; they are on the phone and laptop. It was yesterday, it is today, it will be tomorrow. Study, work, love, wedding, children and ... come on forward in life. Young girls and boys from different cities and countries meet and fall in love here. The city is hospitable, and it doesn’t matter, either you speak English, or Russian, Arabic, or Ukrainian: Kharkov is international! 

Translation bureau, Kharkiv

Admiral Translation Bureau is an experienced player in the Ukrainian translation market, our head office is located in Khmelnitsky, and there are representative offices in many cities. Admiral is no longer a newcomer in Kharkiv. Among our clients there are:
  • school leavers and students,
  • brides and grooms,
  • young parents and elderly pensioners.

In our portfolio we have translations for governmental authorities and business. But today, to get Admiral translation services, you don’t have to come physically to the office. After the global pandemic, we learn to keep our distance, but striving to be as close to our customers as possible. In most cases, in order to do a translation, you just need to make a high-quality scan copy of the documents and send us by e-mail or messenger. And you can receive the finished order online or by Nova Poshta. Your location is of no importance: your translation will be done by a professional translator, verified by an editor, and our managers will offer the best delivery time and ways. 

Document translation Kharkov

A translation agency is an obligatory attribute of any multilingual society: to do any bureaucratic action, whether it is registration of birth, marriage, divorce or death, it is necessary to perform notarized translation of personal documents.

To travel abroad to study, work, for permanent residence, you may need a notarized translation Kharkov or documents translation Kharkov, certified by the translation agency seal, for the following documents:
  • certificates
  • certificates of the registry office (birth, marriage, divorce, death)
  • certificates (of criminal records, medical, from the place of study / work / bank / place of residence)
  • as well as court decisions, documents for applying for a pension, medical reports, etc.

Translation of personal documents is our priority: we think much of your time and we can translate most documents within a few hours. We will do an urgent translation of your passport, or of an identification code certificate, etc., so that you can submit your documents on time! 

Document translation for business Kharkov

Many companies from Kharkiv develop legal, medical, insurance, financial services, as well as IT, trade, construction, marketing, and cooperate with foreign business structures. And we understand that serious relationships require serious partners: legal translation, medical translation, technical translation or translation of complex topics – not only foreign language expertise means; the range of interest, understanding the specifics of the industry, the ability to ask exact questions and look for the proper sources for answers definitely become more and more important. For us, this is not only an expert field, but also the pleasure of new discoveries, a challenge for translators to use specialized dictionaries, databases, and modern translation technologies. We will make up the translation memory only for your company, and you will receive a high-quality resource for harmonization of all terms, names, processes to accelerate all your next translations. And compliance with all the main stages – translation - proof-editing – layout - will allow you to get the best result that you expect. 

Certified translation, apostille, legalization, nostrification

Those who have ever faced making documents for traveling abroad already know that every country has its own specific features as for the personal documents requirements: in most European countries it is necessary to provide an apostille (in some countries even two apostilles), in Oriental countries they mostly require a legalization procedure. For some countries, a notarized translation by a Ukrainian translator is appropriate, while in other countries a sworn translation is preferable, i.e. translation done by a sworn / accredited / certified translator (Poland, Italy, France, Germany, etc.).

Depending on the purpose of registration, it can be necessary to apostille the registration documents of a legal entity.

Nostrification of educational documents is a service that we also provide.

And it should be emphasized that there are so many different nuances in execution and certification of translations for different countries, and these nuances often change. To provide the right information on time, find the best way to solve the problem, help in making a choice - these are the markers that distinguish a professional translation bureau / translation agency / translation company / translation center, taking responsibility for its work. 

Written translation of documents Kharkov

Documents are probably the most valuable thing that each of us preserves, sometimes throughout all the life. Is it possible to entrust the translation of documents Kharkov to a translation agency where  the only director works, being at the same time a translator and a manager? Will you keep calm about the safety of your documents if there is no a safe in the office? Won’t you have any doubts about the quality if you need an urgent translation of the technical instruction, but it will be done by five freelancers: who in this case will edit the text, control the use of the proper vocabulary, and keep tracking the deadlines? 

Conclusion: Kharkiv, translation agencies and Admiral

Translation of documents, Kharkov, as well as in any other city, is always an intellectual work, but, at the same time, a human factor is of great importance. In Admiral, Kharkov, translation agency you pay not only for the translation itself, you pay for the loyalty of the translation agency to your time, to your work and personal space: we a priori monitor all stages of your order, and you only receive a message about its readiness; we do not say NO, but offer solutions even in unusual circumstances.

We are confident in our professionalism and every day with love we help hundreds of people and companies to understand each other: it doesn’t matter, or you need the apostille Uzhhorod, the translation center Chernivtsi, the documents translation Kharkov - Admiral is always and everywhere keeps in touch!

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