Migration without borders

Migration without borders



Once we received a newsletter from the International Center for Migration Policy Development from Vienna. Our translation agency was just one of many others they’ve contacted. We responded, and correspondence started.

We already have quite a lot of experience working with various international organizations. We understand that state structures, legislative bodies of different countries coordinate bills, legal conflicts, programs, plans, etc. with reputable international organizations. For this, they use translation services. But this was our first experience of cooperating directly, without intermediaries. The coordination of the terms and conditions lasted almost for a month, then we signed a contract, and we started work.

The order volume? - About 600 pages; if it is not urgent, it will be ready in 3-4 weeks.

The translation had to be done into English for reading by native speakers, legal topic (legislation). We decided to do it with our staff resources: we allocated a team of translators, proofreaders, editors, a project manager, and placed them in one room to follow a clear working pattern.

We spent several days studying the issue and compiling a glossary, then we translated and checked immediately. Working as a team, we saved time on coordinating the glossary and maintaining the integrity of the text. At the same time, we had the opportunity to enjoy discussing the use of terms, highly professional vocabulary structures and new legal phenomena. As a result, the translation memory was updated daily and we transferred it to freelancers who were also involved in the project.

The middle of March 2020. The story ended successfully, the project was completed 4 days earlier before the deadline, and no improvements were required. After evaluating the translation, ICMPD thanked us for the cool work we’ve done, and we successfully dispersed “quarantines” each in their own country.