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Ancient architecture, long-time traditions, wonderful people and many exciting attractions. The spirit of Lvov is special and absolutely different from other cities. To feel this spirit thousands of tourists annually visit this magnificent city. And so many innovative and cool companies operate there: everyone seems to have heard about Lviv as of the Ukrainian Silicon Valley. Among all these companies and people, the representatives of our company also work. Translation agency Lviv or, for example, translation bureau Lviv – such keywords on Google will show you that there are dozens of them, because demand creates supply, and in such a dynamic city, the demand for translation services is rather sufficient. Responding to this demand, the Admiral, a translation agency in Lvov, provides translation services for companies and individuals who need them.

Translation services, Lviv

We started our way as a translation agency in Khmelnitsky, but when you do your job well, the horizons grow. And gradually we expanded the geographical areas and began to work remotely throughout Ukraine. Nowadays you just need to have the Internet to send us a document for translation, and we can also just send the finished order by email / messenger or Nova Poshta. Although we have a physical representative office in Lvov, in fact, being able to work remotely is a real panacea for modern business. It is also worth mentioning that after the global coronavirus pandemic, you are recommended to visit physical offices only in the most extreme cases, as one wise person said, “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses warn them”.

What do we translate in the best way?

  • Personal documents (passports / certificates). Urgent translation is our target. The quality is not an issue for discussions, we always do our best.
  • Legal translation. It is one of the subjects of our expertise: dozens of governmental authorities all over the country regularly supply our translators with work of such kind.
  • Medical translation. It is complicated, and it is always a challenge for any translator, but generated documentary basis and field-specific experts assist us in doing really good.
  • Technical translation. Translation - proof-editing – layout, having come through all those stages and consulting with as many experts as the situation demands we deliver you the final translation of the quality that you need.
  • Besides, marketing, IT, economics, finance and construction, it’s hard to mention precisely all the subjects focused on in our translation work for so many years


  • Apostille. To have a proper document is good, but to have a document valid in other country is better.
  • Nostrification and legalization. Also, the services that we also provide.

Documents translation, Lvov

In fact, the translation of personal documents is the main niche attracting dozens of translation companies and translation agencies in Lviv. But the vast majority of them are small, ambitious players who are only starting their long way to get reputation and clients. We, as you probably understood, are players of a different level: every day we translate about 300 pages of different documents, languages ​​and topics. We are a dab hand at translating personal documents; passports and certificates are a separate story, our translators seem to know by heart the translation of each registry office issued the document to you. Lviv translation, where probably, hundreds of people order translation services in our office every month, it is a real festival of different events, transactions and operations of Ukrainian business!

Lvov, English translation

English is the language of the whole world. Thousands of companies and people need this language to interact internationally. This is the most popular language in our translation agency Lviv and other cities, and surely in other companies. That is why we collaborate on a regular basis with dozens of English translators of different specific fields, as well as with native speakers, Americans and English, who edit the finished translation into colloquial English. Tо tell the truth, it is our priority language; and for many years of work, we were successful to attract first-rate experts and get the opportunity to offer high-quality translation services in Lviv and other Ukrainian cities.

Admiral, Translation office in Lvov, how does it go on?

The head office Admiral is located in Khmelnytsky, and it means that, being in the city of Lviv, the translation of documents is carried out in several stages. Your documents will be electronically sent to Khmelnytskyi. In the same simple way, after the work is completed, the translation file will be sent to Lviv, where you can get it. In fact, the scheme has worked for many years, and our managers in different cities are almost like a family supporting daily conversations and interactions. Time is mostly valued in our business, and it is the focus of our work: managers try to work quickly, and translators are of high quality, so it turns out that every organism in the ecosystem allows to get a common positive result.

Conclusion: Lviv, translation bureau, optimization and innovations.

Translation center, translation agency, translation company, or more intellectually, a company of linguistic solutions, whatever you call it, there’s only one point: for many years we have been professionally engaged in translation services, in Lviv and in other cities. After a global study of the translation industry in Ukraine, conducted by independent experts for us, we changed our prices, improved the internal chain of business processes and optimized our work as much as possible to be competitive and offer the best quality for the best money and time. In terms of the price segment, we are above average, but this does not prevent us from having one of the best price-quality ratios in the professional translation market of Ukraine.

Our company always keeps in touch, and everyone can contact us in a convenient way. We sincerely hope that doing our work we will be able to help as many people as possible.

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