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Address in Odessa city - Odessa region, 65026, Odessa city, provulok Vorontsovsky, 6, flat 23 ( Orders accepted in the office of Lawyer Hareiev Yevhen Shamilovych )

Ah, Odessa, the pearl of the sea ... Odessa is an absolutely unique city. As it happened all along its history, it continues attracting many people. We can say so much things about this city so we won’t have enough words to describe it. Here, you meet local flavor, architectural heritage, and its own, special soul of the city itself and its inhabitants.

Stretching along the Black Sea coast, Odessa attracts a lot of people to relax and laze on the beaches, take a walk along Deribasovskaya Street and recharge their mood at Privoz. Young people are attracted by numerous festivals, concerts and holidays, and for many people Odessa has become the city of their residence.

However, an idle lifestyle is only an illusion. Indeed, besides being a cultural and historical center, Odessa also has a huge commercial port, it is an industrial and scientific-educational center. Every day, numerous transactions are made here and international contracts are concluded. And a translation agency in Odessa is a great opportunity to be among such deals!

Admiral, translation bureau Odessa

We have been the experts in professional translation of documents since 2008. Admiral, Odessa translation agency, has become one of the largest centers for rendering translation services in all regions of Ukraine and even abroad.

For our experts, nothing is impossible. More than ten-year experience of cooperation with customers is one of our main advantages, as well as a large staff of translators specializing in various topics, and managers who are familiar with almost all pitfalls. If you are looking for a translation agency in Odessa, then welcome to Admiral translation bureau!

We are proud to assist in uniting families, getting couples married, in opening opportunities for people to study and work abroad, and for many companies to enter the international arena, or conversely, open their own business in our country, creating new jobs.

Odessa, Admiral: we deal with the following subjects

In one working day, our translators face a variety of tasks. It can be a passport translation in Odesa, if you need to get a residence permit, tax code, court decision, application for non-marriage or even poetry. Different groups of translators are responsible for a particular subject, and in case of necessity, we engage field-specific experts or proper specialists to maintain quality.

In Admiral, translation agency in Odessa we translate into almost 40 languages:
  • Personal documents translation Odessa (passport, certificate, identity card, etc.)
  • Educational documents (transcript of records, certificate of education, diploma and appendix, etc.)
  • Various certificates (of criminal records, medical, from the place of study / work / bank / place of residence, etc.)
  • Accounting documents (invoice, bill, receipt, etc.)
  • Medical translation Odesa (conclusion, extract from medical records, epicrisis, tests results, incl. Covid-19, etc.)
  • Technical translation (warranty certificate, specification, descriptions for equipment, instructions, etc.)
  • Tax documents (extracts from registers, certificates, reports, etc.)
  • Legal translation (statutory records, contracts, powers of attorney, applications, claims, court decisions, etc.)
  • And articles, texts, books, websites, commercial offers, software, scientific researches…

Translation bureau with notary certification Odessa

In order to bring translation into legal force, it is not enough just to translate your document. As a rule, a translation with notarization Odessa is required. If necessary, Admiral, a translation agency in Odessa provides a full range of additional translation services:
  • Notary certification Odessa
  • Certification with a seal / stamp of translation bureau Odesa
  • Legalization at consular authority or Apostille
  • Sworn / certified translation Odessa
  • Police certificate Odessa
  • Nostrification Odessa (to confirm foreign educational documents by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)
  • Documents reclamation Odessa

Odessa translation agency prices

The cost of each individual order is influenced by different factors: language (language pair), urgent translation or not, subject (complexity), volume (1 translation page - 1800 characters with spaces) and the need for certification. Therefore, the prices for each document differ.

Contact Admiral, translation agency in Odessa, filling in an online form, and within 15 minutes you will receive a full consultation on the timescales and cost. It is not only fast and free, but also very convenient, because you will save your precious time and get reliable information. Our managers - professionals in their field - will ask you the proper questions and give the right answers.

What does the cost include?

Several people work on the translation of your document, ensuring quality control and meeting deadlines at each stage. For you we:

  • Assign a manager who agrees the best timing and price
  • Translate
  • Check
  • Correct
  • Layout
  • Certify

Terms, quality, confidentiality

We perfectly understand how important to work quickly and follow the proper terminology. Even a mistake in one digit can be fatal. Not even telling about privacy. We regularly deal with personal data and commercial secrets; therefore, we have strict rules regarding the information non-disclosure and documents safety.

For many years, we adjusted all internal business processes, as we understand that they determine not only the quality and speed of our work, but the fate of people and entire companies as well. Confirmation of our work is the current certification of compliance with international standards ISO 17100: 2015 “Translation Services” and ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems”. However, we do not rest on our laurels, we continue to improve every day: we master new programs, create glossaries and translation memories for companies, improve service and communication.

Admiral translation agency, Odessa

Admiral is a translation agency with representative offices in many cities of Ukraine. Translation agency Admiral, Odessa, has it’s headquarters in Khmelnitsky city, but you can also visit our offices in Kiev, Lviv, Uzhgorod and other cities. Our managers and translators always keep in touch and daily process translation requests from all over the country and abroad.

If you need a translation agency in Odessa, Dnipro translation agency, or you are looking specifically for Admiral - translation agency in any other city, we will help you! It is enough just to send a request, then it is up to us. Hundreds of people and companies trust us to translate their documents. Every day we pass final translations made by professionals, with notarization or stamped by a translation agency, into the hands of grateful customers, send by emails and delivery services.

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