B2B cooperation

B2B cooperation
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For several years Admiral® has regularly assisted hundreds of legal entities. Our clients include legal, technical, medical, and IT companies. As well those working in agricultural, construction and in many other areas.







You are an expert in your field, and we do specialize in ours, that’t why we know how difficult the situation is with experienced translators, compliance with deadlines and, in general, with high-quality processing of translation orders on the Ukrainian market. You know for sure that only big players have the resources to translate massive projects / contracts or other documents…, following special vocabulary, using editor’s and proofreader’s services by default, involving subject-matter experts and creating translation teams.

It is with great delight that we offer you a formal partnership between your organization and our translation company, in particular:

We would like to offer written translations of corporate documents and materials relating to your international activity from large-scale projects to regular documents of operational activities, under our full control of the confidentiality and security of information, namely: large reports, detailed technical documentation, instructions and specifications, regular customs documents, important financial obligations, as well as all contracts and agreements, statements and protocols, certificates, licenses, invoices, etc.

  • We form a personal team of translators and project managers for you.
  • We track and create translation memory and glossary exclusively for your organization.

  • In addition to translation, we always edit, proofread and layout in order to assure the perfect result.

  • Military effectiveness: our well-established business processes allow fast communication and strict adherence to the agreed deadlines.

  • Formal and convenient: contracts, acts, payments - in a convinient to you way.

  • Confirmed international standards: ISO 17100: 2015 Translation services, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management systems.

  • Privacy: NDA, local servers, IT network protection, safes and round-the-clock security.
  • Lifetime guarantee: we are always in touch and will stand with you in any situation.



Thanks to well-organized work, automated business processes, each project is under strict control. All orders are tracked by two CRM programs, which allow us to always have up-to-date information about absolutely every order at all stages of its realization.

All translations undergo a three-level verification system: in addition to the translator, another translator-editor is also involved and proofreading is made, if necessary, topic experts are involved. The finished translation is given to the Customer in a formatted form with the preservation of all drawings, graphs, tables, diagrams and inscriptions and explanations to them, exactly like in the source text. If necessary, professional text layout is performed. The responsible person monitors the quality and compliance with deadlines of each project!


We are ready to discuss all possible options for cooperation and offer interesting solutions to possible tasks and projects.

We hope for possible cooperation and would be glad to find your inquiry in our "Inbox"! corporate@admiral.com.ua😉