Who are players of translation bureaus’ market?

Who are players of translation bureaus’ market?

The number of players in the market of translation bureaus has been increasing year by year.

There are major sharks among them, who feel confident at the national level and, often, out of its bounds due to long experience, gained reputation, aiming at the professional development. Clients of these translation bureaus are famous brands, they win big tenders, take over responsibility for multilingual projects.

There are bureaus which strive for getting into the heavyweight category. They are rapidly developing, use technological innovations, try to win a new level of clients (big companies, foreign partners etc.) in comparison with the existing ones at the local level.

Most translation bureaus are intermediate players. They occupy their place in a particular region, have a certain range of corporate customers, and their main clients are private individuals. They bear a reasonably high level of professional responsibility, but prefer sticking to the well deserved status quo instead of risking.

Besides, you possibly shall meet a newly-opened translation bureau which are only trying to find their place. As a rule, they are ambitious, but most of them become hostages of illusory expectations, rapid material growth to the disadvantage of quality and corporate responsibility.

However, the fact will be fact: all players have right to stay in the market and have their clients, they all influence the market of transfers and, finally, are a key element in the demand-supply chain.