Experienced translators

Experienced translators

Several stages of verification

Several stages of verification

Adherence to terminology

Adherence to terminology

Compliance with deadlines

Compliance with deadlines

Translation of medical text is a kind of scientific and technical translation and is actually considered one of the most difficult.

There are several main kinds of translation of medical texts:

• medical documentation (epicrisis, extracts, patient medical records, results of laboratory and instrumental examination, surgical reports, conclusions of specialists);

• documentation for clinical trials of medicinal products (contract for conducting a clinical trial, examination report, research brochure, informed consent form, individual registration card);

• pharmaceutical documentation (abstract of medicinal products, leaflets, information for doctors and patients, quality management system documentation);

• documentation for medical equipment and tools (operating instructions, manuals, descriptions, advertising materials, catalogs, presentations);

• websites on medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, medical equipment and tools;

• popular scientific literature on medicine; medical literature (scientific articles, conference materials, reviews, abstracts, dissertations, monographs, reference books, manuals, study guides for doctors and medical students).

Medical translation is characterized by a diverse set of terms and abbreviations. However, the same terms may be called in different way in different languages and countries. Term "Аналіз крові" is translated in several ways: blood test and blood analysis, although British and American doctors use the special term complete blood count (CBC), but this is not written in any dictionary.

The translator often has to find special means to convey the stylistic components of the original. In this case, a pragmatic equivalence is achieved between the source and the translation.

Medical translation implies extreme responsibility, and not every translator will manage it. So make sure that the specialist have enough time to perform such important task.

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