Website translation and localization

Well? Moving to the 6th level? Time inexorably moves forward and, it seems, "the far and beautiful future", but it has already come. We get used very quickly to living online: shopping, ordering food, listening to audiobooks, watching movies; and on the other hand, businesses offer online solutions to meet the most unexpected needs of their customers. As they say today, if your business is not on the Internet, then you do not have a business.

A website is a modern business card for any company: from a small cafe to a huge corporation. The website interface allows potential client to form a judgement about you.

One of the most demanded services of Admiral Translation Agency is website translation and website localization. Websites can be translated into any language, but it is important to consider that a website is a kind of mood, an emotion, an image; therefore, professional translation of websites, localization, includes proofreading by a native speaker, as you should be trusted.

Who needs websites translation

- small companies providing services at the local level (restaurants, workshops, beauty salons, medical offices): even if you have the simplest website, make sure that the information is available in Ukrainian (today it must be according to the law), and in English (just believe that foreigners visit us quite often);

- companies engaging in trade and providing services abroad: if you want to be heard, speak the same language with potential clients.


- How much does website translation cost?

The cost depends on the language, volumes and terms. If you have a Word or Excel file with all the texts of web pages and links to be translated, this will speed up the calculation of all the work.

- In what format do you provide website translation?

1: Option of completed translation in a Word file.

2: Option in an Excel file, where one column contains the original text, and next to it in the adjacent columns the translation of the specified text into the foreign languages required.

3: And the last, most popular and optimal option: we give you a translation of the website in the format of a ready-made html page in the required languages. We do not only translate, but also provide materials with full compliance with the source. You get a layout page that programmers just need to upload to the hosting where your website is hosted. The time of a translator is cheaper than of an IT layout designer, thus, the benefits for you are obvious.

You can choose any option, the cost does not depend on it.

- Is localizing a website into English a universal option?

Of course, you will be understood in most countries. But if you are targeting a specific country, then we recommend doing localization into a specific language (i.e., French, Italian, etc.).

Be in trend, contact a translation agency, and we will take any challenge, whether it is an urgent translation of documents or translation of websites!