Experienced translators

Experienced translators

Several stages of verification

Several stages of verification

Adherence to terminology

Adherence to terminology

Compliance with deadlines

Compliance with deadlines

Admiral company is specialized on translation of legal texts. A vast experience of cooperation with state authorities allows our translators to constantly deal with these texts.

Most often we are asked to translate such kind of documents:

• constituent documents of enterprises;

• Charters;

• certificates of legal entities;

• agreements;

• orders and decrees;

• banking documents;

• contracts;

• memoranda, agreements, statements, minutes, decisions.

The fact is that all documents that have legal force have the same form and all the information contained in them must be drafted in the prescribed way. Both the source and the recipient of these documents are administrative bodies that are required confirmation of the rights and powers of the relevant persons. Emotional component shall be omitted in the texts of such documents. The linguistic means of such texts refer to the bureaucratic style. The main features of the bureaucratic style are the abundance of bureaucratic cliché; archaic (conservative) vocabulary; complex syntax, which is focused on maximum accuracy and unambiguity of formulations; nominative cases; the predominance of present tense verb forms; legal terms.

Translation of documents of enterprises, companies, and any legal entities requires special knowledge and experience in working with such documents. In case of translating documents of foreign companies, special terminology adopted in Ukraine is taken into account and applied. It simplifies their adaption, as well as helps to avoid misinterpretation of translated documents by Ukrainian institutions and authorities.

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